Brafferton Guest House

Telephone: 01429 273875 Mobile: 07933 906118

Terms and Conditions

These are very simple and we rely on English Common Law to relate to any other complaints or refunds.


Please note, if after booking, for any reason you cannot make it, please inform us at least 24 hours prior to your expected arrival date.

In the case of bookings for which we are unable to provide the required accommodation, we must contact you within 72 hours. In the unlikely case we are unable to provide the required accommodation, or reasonable alternative, any deposit/monies taken are refunded in full.

This should not imply that we do not have availability at the time your booking is confirmed verbally - however we can all make reservation errors.

On booking, we may ask for a deposit prior to arrival. Deposits are not refundable (Insurance should be taken out to cover this). Final payment must be made on arrival date.

For client bookings that involve other countries, we will ask you to provide details of insurance that you have taken out as we take no liability for any repatriation or health costs whatsoever.


We accept written, signed cancellation letters, e-mail and verbal cancellations.

In the case of cancellation, the following charges apply:
Cancellation less than 1 day before arrival date is equivalent to 1 nights accommodation.

There is no charge if cancellation is made 24 hours or more before arrival date.

It should be stressed that insurance should cover your obligation.

Smoking Policy

There is no smoking allowed anywhere inside Brafferton B&B.

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